Tie Instructions

How to Tie a Proper Bow Tie

Bow ties tend to be associated with particular professions, such as architects, attorneys, university professors, and politicians, but such assertions are based more on urban legends than actual evidence. Nonetheless, the concept may be a myth rather than a substantiated fact.

In American culture, bow ties tend to be associated with either New England idyllic culture or an old southern way of life. Both of these examples are, as previously noted, based more on cultural ideals than historical fact. For example, bow ties tend to represent an elitist mentality from the northeast or a southern ‘way of life’ from the south.

Bow ties are commonly seen in popular culture as items of sophistication, such as those stereotypically worn by professors in movies and fictional spy characters such as James Bond. However, they have also been adopted into the “uniform” of clowns and male strippers, and such associations have lent bow ties a less serious image. Therefore, the bow tie presents somewhat of an oxymoron or paradox to anyone trying to define a particular style to be attached to the bow tie.


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